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Key Facts

All Residents 310
Male 147
Female 162
Households 107
Population Density (people/km2) 14,691.9
Postcodes Covered


Table Codets054
Unit of MeasureHousehold
Number of Response Options9

This dataset provides Census 2021 estimates that classify households in England and Wales by tenure. The estimates are as at Census Day, 21 March 2021.


Whether a household owns or rents the accommodation that it occupies.

Owner-occupied accommodation can be:

* owned outright, which is where the household owns all of the accommodation
* with a mortgage or loan
* part-owned on a shared ownership scheme

Rented accommodation can be:

* private rented (for example, rented through a private landlord or letting agent
* social rented through a local council or housing association

This information is not available for household spaces with no usual residents.

Quality Statement

There is evidence of people incorrectly identifying their type of landlord as ”Council or local authority” or “Housing association”. You should add these two categories together when analysing data that uses this variable.

More information at the ONS website

Tenure of household: Total: All households 108
Owned 68
Owned: Owns outright 35
Owned: Owns with a mortgage or loan 33
Shared ownership 0
Shared ownership: Shared ownership 0
Social rented 12
Social rented: Rents from council or Local Authority 4
Social rented: Other social rented 8
Private rented 28
Private rented: Private landlord or letting agency 26
Private rented: Other private rented 2
Lives rent free 0

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