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Output Area at TQ327892: Occupancy rating for bedrooms

Location Type: Output Areas, ONS Geographic Code: E00010380

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Key Facts

All Residents 419
Male 215
Female 205
Households 153
Population Density (people/km2) 11,173.3
Postcodes Covered

N15 4AA
N15 4AE
N15 4HL
N15 4HN
N15 4HP
N15 4HW
N15 5AF
N15 5AG
N15 5AN
N15 5AP

Table Codets052
Unit of MeasureHousehold
Number of Response Options6

This dataset provides Census 2021 estimates that classify households in England and Wales by occupancy rating based on the number of bedrooms in the household. The estimates are as at Census Day, 21 March 2021.


Whether a household's accommodation is overcrowded, ideally occupied or under-occupied. This is calculated by comparing the number of bedrooms the household requires to the number of available bedrooms.

The number of bedrooms the household requires is calculated according to the Bedroom Standard, where the following should have their own bedroom:

1. married or cohabiting couple
2. single parent
3. person aged 16 years and over
4. pair of same-sex persons aged 10 to 15 years
5. person aged 10 to 15 years paired with a person under 10 years of the same sex
6. pair of children aged under 10 years, regardless of their sex
7. person aged under 16 years who cannot share a bedroom with someone in 4, 5 or 6 above

An occupancy rating of:

* -1 or less implies that a household’s accommodation has fewer bedrooms than required (overcrowded)
* +1 or more implies that a household’s accommodation has more bedrooms than required (under-occupied)
* 0 suggests that a household’s accommodation has an ideal number of bedrooms

More information at the ONS website

Occupancy rating for bedrooms: Total: All households 152
Occupancy rating of bedrooms: +2 or more 25
Occupancy rating of bedrooms: +1 51
Occupancy rating of bedrooms: 0 57
Occupancy rating of bedrooms: -1 16
Occupancy rating of bedrooms: -2 or less 3

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