Census Data

Output Area at TQ336817: Living arrangements

Location Type: Output Areas, ONS Geographic Code: E00021686

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Key Facts

All Residents 296
Male 155
Female 141
Households 169
Population Density (people/km2) 4,340.2
Postcodes Covered

E1 6AA
E1 6AD
E1 6AG
E1 6AT
E1 6BG
E1 6BS
E1 6DT
E1 6DW
E1 6EG
E1 6EW
E1 6FQ
E1 6HQ
E1 6LN
E1 6PW
E1 6PX
E1 6RT
E1 6RW
E1 7LU
E1 7NB
E1 7NF
E1 7NH

Table Codets010
Unit of MeasurePerson
Number of Response Options11

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