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Output Area at SP364917: Communal establishment management and type

Location Type: Output Areas, ONS Geographic Code: E00158268

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Key Facts

All Residents 400
Male 201
Female 199
Households 222
Population Density (people/km2) 1,279.6
Postcodes Covered

CV10 0XB
CV10 9YE
CV11 4AA
CV11 4AD
CV11 4AE
CV11 4AF
CV11 4AH
CV11 4AL
CV11 4AP
CV11 4AQ
CV11 4AR
CV11 4AS
CV11 4AT
CV11 4AU
CV11 4AY
CV11 4BA
CV11 4BB
CV11 4BL
CV11 4BP
CV11 4BU
CV11 4BW
CV11 4BX
CV11 4DA
CV11 4DG
CV11 4DL
CV11 4DN
CV11 4DR
CV11 4DS
CV11 4DX
CV11 4DY
CV11 4DZ
CV11 4EA
CV11 4EB
CV11 4ED
CV11 4ER
CV11 4EU
CV11 4EZ
CV11 4FL
CV11 4HA
CV11 4HB
CV11 4HG
CV11 4HX
CV11 4HY
CV11 4HZ
CV11 4JA
CV11 4JL
CV11 4TT
CV11 4WX
CV11 4XS
CV11 4YH
CV11 4YY
CV11 5AA
CV11 5SZ
CV11 9FD
CV11 9FU
CV11 9FX
CV11 9FY
CV11 9GP
CV11 9GR
CV11 9HQ
CV11 9JU
CV11 9JW
CV11 9LA
CV11 9LB
CV11 9LE
CV11 9LH
CV11 9LJ
CV11 9SA
CV11 9SB
CV11 9SD
CV11 9SE
CV11 9SF
CV11 9SG
CV11 9SH
CV11 9SJ
CV11 9SL
CV11 9SN
CV11 9SP
CV11 9SQ
CV11 9SR
CV11 9ST
CV11 9SU
CV11 9SW
CV11 9SX
CV11 9SY
CV11 9SZ
CV11 9TA
CV11 9TB
CV11 9TD
CV11 9TE
CV11 9TF
CV11 9TG
CV11 9TH
CV11 9TJ
CV11 9XF
CV11 9ZJ
CV11 9ZT
CV11 9ZY
CV11 9ZZ
CV13 0WY
CV13 0YP
CV11 9NA
CV11 9LU
CV11 9LY
CV11 9LR
CV11 9NB
CV11 9LT
CV11 9ND
CV11 9NF
CV11 9NG
CV11 9NN
CV11 9NR
CV11 9NQ
CV11 9NP
CV11 9NS
CV11 9NT
CV11 9NU
CV11 9NW
CV11 9NX
CV11 9NY
CV11 9NZ

Table Codets048
Unit of MeasurePerson
Number of Response Options26

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