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East Riding of Yorkshire: Accommodation type

Location Type: Unitary Authorities, ONS Geographic Code: E06000011

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Key Facts

All Residents 342,215
Male 167,847
Female 174,368
Households 152,066
Population Density (people/km2) 142.4
Table Codets044
Unit of MeasureHousehold
Number of Response Options8

This dataset provides Census 2021 estimates that classify households in England and Wales by accommodation type. The estimates are as at Census Day, 21 March 2021.


The type of building or structure used or available by an individual or household.

This could be:

* the whole house or bungalow
* a flat, maisonette or apartment
* a temporary or mobile structure, such as a caravan

More information about accommodation types

Whole house or bungalow:
This property type is not divided into flats or other living accommodation. There are three types of whole houses or bungalows.

None of the living accommodation is attached to another property but can be attached to a garage.

The living accommodation is joined to another house or bungalow by a common wall that they share.

A mid-terraced house is located between two other houses and shares two common walls. An end-of-terrace house is part of a terraced development but only shares one common wall.

Flats (Apartments) and maisonettes:
An apartment is another word for a flat. A maisonette is a 2-storey flat.

Quality Statement

We have made changes to housing definitions since the 2011 Census. Take care if you compare Census 2021 results for this topic with those from the 2011 Census.

More information at the ONS website

Accommodation type: Total: All households 152,065
Detached 53,673
Semi-detached 55,372
Terraced 28,943
In a purpose-built block of flats or tenement 9,684
Part of a converted or shared house, including bedsits 2,025
Part of another converted building, for example, former school, church or warehouse 681
In a commercial building, for example, in an office building, hotel or over a shop 1,145
A caravan or other mobile or temporary structure 542

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