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West Northamptonshire: Main language (detailed)

Location Type: Unitary Authorities, ONS Geographic Code: E06000062

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Key Facts

All Residents 425,725
Male 210,665
Female 215,060
Households 172,641
Population Density (people/km2) 309.1
Table Codets024
Unit of MeasurePerson
Number of Response Options95

This dataset provides Census 2021 estimates that classify usual residents in England and Wales by their main language. The estimates are as at Census Day, 21 March 2021.


A person's first or preferred language.

This shows a detailed breakdown of the responses given in the write-in option "Other, write in".

Main language (detailed): Total: All usual residents aged 3 years and over 411,715
English (English or Welsh in Wales) 366,766
Welsh or Cymraeg (in England only) 36
Other UK language 62
Other UK language: Gaelic (Irish) 8
Other UK language: Gaelic (Scottish) 1
Other UK language: Manx Gaelic 0
Other UK language: Gaelic (Not otherwise specified) 1
Other UK language: Cornish 1
Other UK language: Scots 7
Other UK language: Ulster Scots 1
Other UK language: Romany English 43
Other UK language: Irish Traveller Cant 0
French 385
Portuguese 692
Spanish 581
Other European language (EU) 29,558
Other European language (EU): Italian 735
Other European language (EU): German 197
Other European language (EU): Polish 7,828
Other European language (EU): Slovak 278
Other European language (EU): Czech 91
Other European language (EU): Romanian 15,250
Other European language (EU): Lithuanian 2,007
Other European language (EU): Latvian 1,014
Other European language (EU): Hungarian 931
Other European language (EU): Bulgarian 522
Other European language (EU): Greek 480
Other European language (EU): Dutch 92
Other European language (EU): Swedish 35
Other European language (EU): Danish 26
Other European language (EU): Finnish 15
Other European language (EU): Estonian 18
Other European language (EU): Slovenian 7
Other European language (EU): Maltese 7
Other European language (EU): Any other European language (EU) 25
Other European language (non EU) 896
Other European language (non EU): Albanian 787
Other European language (non EU): Ukrainian 87
Other European language (non EU): Any other Eastern European language (non EU) 3
Other European language (non EU): Northern European language (non EU) 19
Other European language (EU and non-EU) 115
Other European language (EU and non-EU): Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin 115
Other European language (non-national) 0
Other European language (non-national): Any Romani language 0
Other European language (non-national): Yiddish 0
Russian 2,019
Turkish 271
Arabic 369
West or Central Asian language 577
West or Central Asian language: Hebrew 6
West or Central Asian language: Kurdish 193
West or Central Asian language: Persian or Farsi 153
West or Central Asian language: Pashto 206
West or Central Asian language: Any other West or Central Asian language 19
South Asian language 5,855
South Asian language: Urdu 612
South Asian language: Hindi 280
South Asian language: Panjabi 671
South Asian language: Pakistani Pahari (with Mirpuri and Potwari) 0
South Asian language: Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya) 1,348
South Asian language: Gujarati 827
South Asian language: Marathi 57
South Asian language: Telugu 158
South Asian language: Tamil 511
South Asian language: Malayalam 1,117
South Asian language: Sinhala 62
South Asian language: Nepalese 113
South Asian language: Any other South Asian language 99
East Asian language 1,473
East Asian language: Mandarin Chinese 106
East Asian language: Cantonese Chinese 272
East Asian language: All other Chinese 459
East Asian language: Japanese 49
East Asian language: Korean 16
East Asian language: Vietnamese 167
East Asian language: Thai 148
East Asian language: Malay 19
East Asian language: Tagalog or Filipino 210
East Asian language: Any other East Asian language 27
Oceanic or Australian language 5
North or South American language 0
Caribbean Creole 9
Caribbean Creole: English-based Caribbean Creole 6
Caribbean Creole: Any other Caribbean Creole 3
African language 1,833
African language: Amharic 9
African language: Tigrinya 46
African language: Somali 441
African language: Krio 5
African language: Akan 405
African language: Yoruba 59
African language: Igbo 60
African language: Swahili or Kiswahili 295
African language: Luganda 12
African language: Lingala 11
African language: Shona 261
African language: Afrikaans 50
African language: Any other Nigerian language 44
African language: Any other West African language 37
African language: Any other African language 98
Sign language 174
Sign language: British Sign Language 140
Sign language: Any other sign language 14
Sign language: Any sign communication system 20
Other language 39

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