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England and Wales: Main language (detailed)

Location Type: England and Wales, ONS Geographic Code: K04000001

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Key Facts

All Residents 59,597,542
Male 29,177,340
Female 30,420,202
Households 24,783,199
Population Density (people/km2) 394.6

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Table Codets024
Unit of MeasurePerson
Number of Response Options95

This dataset provides Census 2021 estimates that classify usual residents in England and Wales by their main language. The estimates are as at Census Day, 21 March 2021.


A person's first or preferred language.

This shows a detailed breakdown of the responses given in the write-in option "Other, write in".

Main language (detailed): Total: All usual residents aged 3 years and over 57,704,270
English (English or Welsh in Wales) 52,569,816
Welsh or Cymraeg (in England only) 7,349
Other UK language 4,239
Other UK language: Gaelic (Irish) 736
Other UK language: Gaelic (Scottish) 169
Other UK language: Manx Gaelic 8
Other UK language: Gaelic (Not otherwise specified) 263
Other UK language: Cornish 567
Other UK language: Scots 538
Other UK language: Ulster Scots 16
Other UK language: Romany English 1,906
Other UK language: Irish Traveller Cant 36
French 120,259
Portuguese 224,719
Spanish 215,062
Other European language (EU) 1,858,314
Other European language (EU): Italian 160,010
Other European language (EU): German 46,421
Other European language (EU): Polish 611,845
Other European language (EU): Slovak 49,924
Other European language (EU): Czech 30,028
Other European language (EU): Romanian 471,954
Other European language (EU): Lithuanian 119,656
Other European language (EU): Latvian 38,359
Other European language (EU): Hungarian 87,356
Other European language (EU): Bulgarian 111,431
Other European language (EU): Greek 76,675
Other European language (EU): Dutch 19,064
Other European language (EU): Swedish 12,503
Other European language (EU): Danish 6,020
Other European language (EU): Finnish 4,741
Other European language (EU): Estonian 2,640
Other European language (EU): Slovenian 2,360
Other European language (EU): Maltese 1,490
Other European language (EU): Any other European language (EU) 5,837
Other European language (non EU) 74,653
Other European language (non EU): Albanian 52,328
Other European language (non EU): Ukrainian 14,088
Other European language (non EU): Any other Eastern European language (non EU) 357
Other European language (non EU): Northern European language (non EU) 7,880
Other European language (EU and non-EU) 18,006
Other European language (EU and non-EU): Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin 18,006
Other European language (non-national) 5,516
Other European language (non-national): Any Romani language 160
Other European language (non-national): Yiddish 5,356
Russian 91,255
Turkish 112,978
Arabic 203,998
West or Central Asian language 219,402
West or Central Asian language: Hebrew 6,672
West or Central Asian language: Kurdish 66,443
West or Central Asian language: Persian or Farsi 87,713
West or Central Asian language: Pashto 48,705
West or Central Asian language: Any other West or Central Asian language 9,869
South Asian language 1,374,141
South Asian language: Urdu 269,849
South Asian language: Hindi 51,260
South Asian language: Panjabi 290,745
South Asian language: Pakistani Pahari (with Mirpuri and Potwari) 22,798
South Asian language: Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya) 199,495
South Asian language: Gujarati 188,956
South Asian language: Marathi 11,022
South Asian language: Telugu 31,249
South Asian language: Tamil 125,363
South Asian language: Malayalam 65,008
South Asian language: Sinhala 13,013
South Asian language: Nepalese 74,368
South Asian language: Any other South Asian language 31,015
East Asian language 361,709
East Asian language: Mandarin Chinese 30,820
East Asian language: Cantonese Chinese 55,555
East Asian language: All other Chinese 118,271
East Asian language: Japanese 22,548
East Asian language: Korean 12,117
East Asian language: Vietnamese 18,518
East Asian language: Thai 22,966
East Asian language: Malay 8,014
East Asian language: Tagalog or Filipino 60,899
East Asian language: Any other East Asian language 12,001
Oceanic or Australian language 1,722
North or South American language 68
Caribbean Creole 1,778
Caribbean Creole: English-based Caribbean Creole 145
Caribbean Creole: Any other Caribbean Creole 1,633
African language 205,002
African language: Amharic 10,834
African language: Tigrinya 22,825
African language: Somali 62,240
African language: Krio 921
African language: Akan 19,757
African language: Yoruba 9,942
African language: Igbo 11,074
African language: Swahili or Kiswahili 10,154
African language: Luganda 2,148
African language: Lingala 5,492
African language: Shona 10,773
African language: Afrikaans 7,489
African language: Any other Nigerian language 4,435
African language: Any other West African language 12,161
African language: Any other African language 14,757
Sign language 26,738
Sign language: British Sign Language 21,635
Sign language: Any other sign language 1,532
Sign language: Any sign communication system 3,571
Other language 7,546

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