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England: Main language (detailed)

Location Type: Country, ONS Geographic Code: E92000001

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Key Facts

All Residents 56,490,048
Male 27,656,336
Female 28,833,712
Households 23,436,086
Population Density (people/km2) 433.5
Table Codets024
Unit of MeasurePerson
Number of Response Options95

This dataset provides Census 2021 estimates that classify usual residents in England and Wales by their main language. The estimates are as at Census Day, 21 March 2021.


A person's first or preferred language.

This shows a detailed breakdown of the responses given in the write-in option "Other, write in".

Main language (detailed): Total: All usual residents aged 3 years and over 54,686,087
English (English or Welsh in Wales) 49,652,172
Welsh or Cymraeg (in England only) 7,349
Other UK language 4,086
Other UK language: Gaelic (Irish) 696
Other UK language: Gaelic (Scottish) 159
Other UK language: Manx Gaelic 6
Other UK language: Gaelic (Not otherwise specified) 255
Other UK language: Cornish 560
Other UK language: Scots 511
Other UK language: Ulster Scots 12
Other UK language: Romany English 1,855
Other UK language: Irish Traveller Cant 32
French 118,630
Portuguese 221,076
Spanish 211,997
Other European language (EU) 1,815,515
Other European language (EU): Italian 157,643
Other European language (EU): German 45,208
Other European language (EU): Polish 590,983
Other European language (EU): Slovak 48,508
Other European language (EU): Czech 28,752
Other European language (EU): Romanian 465,933
Other European language (EU): Lithuanian 117,876
Other European language (EU): Latvian 37,871
Other European language (EU): Hungarian 85,204
Other European language (EU): Bulgarian 108,942
Other European language (EU): Greek 75,261
Other European language (EU): Dutch 18,511
Other European language (EU): Swedish 12,263
Other European language (EU): Danish 5,918
Other European language (EU): Finnish 4,659
Other European language (EU): Estonian 2,572
Other European language (EU): Slovenian 2,293
Other European language (EU): Maltese 1,415
Other European language (EU): Any other European language (EU) 5,703
Other European language (non EU) 73,847
Other European language (non EU): Albanian 51,885
Other European language (non EU): Ukrainian 13,991
Other European language (non EU): Any other Eastern European language (non EU) 351
Other European language (non EU): Northern European language (non EU) 7,620
Other European language (EU and non-EU) 17,798
Other European language (EU and non-EU): Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin 17,798
Other European language (non-national) 5,505
Other European language (non-national): Any Romani language 149
Other European language (non-national): Yiddish 5,356
Russian 89,910
Turkish 110,651
Arabic 195,483
West or Central Asian language 215,376
West or Central Asian language: Hebrew 6,618
West or Central Asian language: Kurdish 64,593
West or Central Asian language: Persian or Farsi 86,277
West or Central Asian language: Pashto 48,163
West or Central Asian language: Any other West or Central Asian language 9,725
South Asian language 1,357,550
South Asian language: Urdu 267,610
South Asian language: Hindi 50,622
South Asian language: Panjabi 288,659
South Asian language: Pakistani Pahari (with Mirpuri and Potwari) 22,794
South Asian language: Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya) 194,822
South Asian language: Gujarati 188,205
South Asian language: Marathi 10,865
South Asian language: Telugu 30,691
South Asian language: Tamil 123,728
South Asian language: Malayalam 62,990
South Asian language: Sinhala 12,716
South Asian language: Nepalese 73,292
South Asian language: Any other South Asian language 30,556
East Asian language 350,694
East Asian language: Mandarin Chinese 29,831
East Asian language: Cantonese Chinese 53,984
East Asian language: All other Chinese 113,940
East Asian language: Japanese 22,205
East Asian language: Korean 11,894
East Asian language: Vietnamese 18,099
East Asian language: Thai 22,078
East Asian language: Malay 7,762
East Asian language: Tagalog or Filipino 59,127
East Asian language: Any other East Asian language 11,774
Oceanic or Australian language 1,700
North or South American language 64
Caribbean Creole 1,768
Caribbean Creole: English-based Caribbean Creole 144
Caribbean Creole: Any other Caribbean Creole 1,624
African language 202,152
African language: Amharic 10,654
African language: Tigrinya 22,324
African language: Somali 61,373
African language: Krio 918
African language: Akan 19,702
African language: Yoruba 9,822
African language: Igbo 10,972
African language: Swahili or Kiswahili 10,044
African language: Luganda 2,135
African language: Lingala 5,440
African language: Shona 10,607
African language: Afrikaans 7,304
African language: Any other Nigerian language 4,383
African language: Any other West African language 11,994
African language: Any other African language 14,480
Sign language 25,498
Sign language: British Sign Language 20,739
Sign language: Any other sign language 1,376
Sign language: Any sign communication system 3,383
Other language 7,266

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